Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Hey Everyone,

We get asked all the time what the best way to lose weight is. At BLP, we don't recommend anyone try to hit a certain weight, unless it's for a sport weigh-in, that's the obvious exception to this rule. We instead want everyone to lose FAT. Large amounts of fat don't serve any purpose on the human body. Our ability to put on fat the way we do developed evolutionarily so that our bodies would have a source of fuel over long winters when food was scarce. With modern access and technology, there's no reason why anyone should need fat reserves to sustain themselves through winter.

Losing fat should be the goal. And the key to losing fat is diet and being active. Depending how you envision yourself looking will dictate what style of training you do. If you want the perfect proportions of a bodybuilder, you'll eat and train for hypertrophy, rotating muscle groups to develop perfect symmetry. If you want the functional strength of a crossfitter, you'll eat and train for functional lifting, with a focus in strength and endurance. Powerlifters eat generally more and train for raw strength and power, so do strongmen. Each of these disciplines have their own rules on how to be competitive and win. But the common denominator between all of them is muscles. They're important and just losing "weight" will burn your muscles as well.

Doing a dirty bulk and putting on a ton of strength and mass is great and we all love eating and training that way. But at some point it becomes time to clean it up and show the world those amazing gains you've made. Behind every statue, there is a sculptor who worked for years perfecting every line and angle in the stone. You're the sculptor behind your own body and no one can do it besides you.

To lose fat, diet is number 1. Eat small, frequent meals. These meals should consist of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. There are many macronutrient ratios on the internet and we've published some in previous blog entries, but find one you like and stick to it for a while. The first thing you can do to see and feel a difference is reduce your sugar intake. Minus fruits and the micronutrients they provide, there's no reason to ingest extra sugar. Once you start eating less sugar, changes in the body are difficult at first. It takes dedication and like many bodybuilders say, "Trust the process." Fat is stubborn and the biochemical responses associated with cutting unhealthy foods out are powerful. Unhealthy fats and sugars are packed with calories and were a lifesaver to our ancient ancestors, so our bodies developed powerful, almost debilitating cravings for them. But with enough willpower and determination, we can beat these cravings and focus on sculpting our bodies instead.

When trying to get in shape don't worry so much about what the scale says. Muscle weighs more than fat by volume so weight shouldn't be the primary metric you use to judge your progress. Look in the mirror and track your progress that way instead. If you're happy with the progress you're making, don't let the scale tell you you're wrong!

We'll cover supplements and fat loss in another update but to conclude this one just make sure you research healthy, sustainable fat loss programs and eating habits. Meal prepping is an excellent tool. Carry your perfectly proportioned meals around with you and you'll never be forced get fast food. Every meal you'll improve your health and lose fat!

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