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When I started working with Coach @johnnysebastian a week ago to optimize this unexpected transition to an extended off-season, he was adamant that I start donating blood regularly. Despite having been in the bodybuilding game for several years, I can’t honestly say that I fully understood the importance, or even the relevance, of donating blood. I’ve always been intellectually curious (or a nerd, if you want to be a dick about, and I consider myself a student of the game, so I started doing some research. Here’s the broad strokes of what I learned (specific to general health, not...

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Hello Everyone!  Unless you just started weight lifting yesterday, you have all experienced hitting a plateau. Whether it’s in regards to your maxes, the amount of reps you can bust out, or no longer seeing the muscle growth you desire, hitting that wall is no fun. If there is one good thing to say about hitting a plateau, it’s in the fact that at least your body is making physiological adaptations to the physical stress you are imparting on the muscles. Our goal is to completely avoid these roadblocks though and continue getting bigger, stronger, faster. Let’s quickly discuss why...

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Welcome to the Training Room everyone! The Training Room is where we'll put up posts about supplements, nutrition, lifting, and all kinds of fitness-related content for our customers and supporters to read. Our main goal is to help people achieve their goals in the gym. People lift for all kinds of reasons and we want to make sure you have the best tools available to you. From supplements to lifting ideologies to motivation, we're here for you. Blank Label Performance is the brain child of Marcel Blood and Dave Wiley, two guys stationed in the same unit in North Carolina...

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