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When I started working with Coach @johnnysebastian a week ago to optimize this unexpected transition to an extended off-season, he was adamant that I start donating blood regularly. Despite having been in the bodybuilding game for several years, I can’t honestly say that I fully understood the importance, or even the relevance, of donating blood. I’ve always been intellectually curious (or a nerd, if you want to be a dick about, and I consider myself a student of the game, so I started doing some research. Here’s the broad strokes of what I learned (specific to general health, not...

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Hello Everyone! We've run a few email campaigns about cardio but we want to throw it onto a Training Room post so that everyone can reference it over and over again. There are many reasons to do cardio. All cardio increases muscular and cardiovascular endurance, that's a given. But by optimizing your cardio routine, you can improve your body composition, your sleeping habits, and your overall lifestyle habits to craft a better life. We'll focus on two important concepts within the realm of cardio and then we'll provide some examples to illustrate them. The first concept is whether to do...

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