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When I started working with Coach @johnnysebastian a week ago to optimize this unexpected transition to an extended off-season, he was adamant that I start donating blood regularly. Despite having been in the bodybuilding game for several years, I can’t honestly say that I fully understood the importance, or even the relevance, of donating blood. I’ve always been intellectually curious (or a nerd, if you want to be a dick about, and I consider myself a student of the game, so I started doing some research. Here’s the broad strokes of what I learned (specific to general health, not...

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Hello Everyone! It's been a while since we've done any blog updates but let us know if it's something you guys want to see more of. It's easier to post a ton of information in a blog that can be easily referenced as opposed to always trying to add to emails that can be easily missed. Today, I'll tell you about my favorite muscle group to lift, ARMS. Because we're a supplement company I'll talk about my pre arm day routine, the workout I like to do, and how I recover to ensure I don't overwork or injure myself. Before...

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