About Us

Thanks for visiting our "About Us" page. Here we'll tell you a bit about our stories, some motivational perspectives, and just general information about each of us.

Marcel Blood

Hey everyone, I’m super stoked you’re on the website. Typically no one reads these things but I’ll assume that everyone is going to. My name is Marcel Blood and I'm one of the owners of the company. I have been working the product formulas for over six years. The idea for this entire thing started in Afghanistan during my first deployment. I had been studying explosive chemistry and biochemistry since high school and one day got into the supplement realm. From all of my research, tests, and trials a product was born. That product was marketable just the way it was but I didn’t stop there. I started to get a team together and we did the same process four times over, each time making changes. That process took four years and to those who helped me, thank you. Without you and your feedback, I wouldn’t be where I am today. A lot of people ask me, “Why is it called Blank Label Performance? The label has stuff on it, it’s not blank.” What people don’t realize, the first time they think about it, is that the reference to a “blank label” isn’t the label on the product at all. It’s a reference to a person and how many things we allow to define us. Much of the time, we allow things to define us that are negative and hold us back. Failed business ventures, failed relationships, failed job interactions, etc. The list here could go on forever, every person has negative things that they wish had happened differently. “Don’t let the sum total of your failures define the rest of your life. Start over. Become a blank label.”
My story isn’t super extraordinary but yours could be. Stop letting you and your imagined limitations hold you back. Break through your limits, hurdle your obstacles, and ignore the sheep. See the productivity in everything you do and once you realize how much value you have, you’ll start your journey to greatness.




Dave Wiley

What's up fellow gym rats? Thanks for checking us out! My name is Dave, and I have been infatuated with fitness since my parents first got me a gym membership at 15. Just like the whole team here at Blank Label Performance, I am a special operations veteran with multiple Middle-East deployments, a shiny Purple Heart, and a bullet in my left leg that I still use as an excuse to skip leg day on occasion. Blank Label Performance became my passion as I was navigating a tumultuous time in my life. The company, and the people involved gave me a place to direct my focus and positive energy. I am excited to share that positive energy with our customers, clients, and sponsored athletes while we all continue to grow and prosper in our own lives. I think I can speak for the entire staff here when I say we welcome all of you as family. Whether it is advice about supplementation, workout routines, meal plans, or you just want to shoot the shit with some like-minded people, we would love to hear from you.

Usually people close out their bio out with some cliche like "live life with no regrets", but that would be disingenuous. The truth is we all have things we regret. What makes the difference is how you react to them. Are you the type of person to let your shortcomings bury you, or are you strong enough to recognize your faults, dust yourself off, and make yourself better? To me, that is the core of who we are at Blank Label Performance. So I'll close with this: If you want something, go out and get it. No one is going to hand you your dreams. Get off your ass, put your nose to the grind stone, and work for it! The guys here at Blank Label Performance will have your back while you bust your ass in the gym, and in life.