About Us

Welcome to Blank Label Performance. We're stoked you're here. A lot of people ask, "Why is it called Blank Label Performance? The label has stuff on it. It's not blank."

The reference to a blank label has nothing to do with the product at all. It's a reference to you. How many things do you allow to define you? So many people let negative things hold them back - failed business ventures, failed relationships, failed jobs.

Here, we believe everyone is a blank label. Dump your imagined limitations. Break through your limits, hurdle your obstacles, and ignore the sheep. Start your journey to greatness. Become a Blank Label.


Marcel Blood

Marcel has been working on product formulas for over six years. He had been studying explosive chemistry and biochemistry since high school. While in the barracks at Fort Bragg, he began working on a supplement to help him and his crew get through grueling training. From all of his research, tests and trials - his first product was born. That product was Crusade, our preworkout formula. He didn’t stop there though. He got a team together and continued to refine the product, each time making changes. That process of product refinement took him four years, so Marcel is super grateful to those who helped him along the way! The idea for an actual supplement company came to him while in Afghanistan during his very first deployment. Working with many of those that helped him create Crusade, Blank Label Performance was born.




Dave Wiley

Dave has been a gym rat since age 15 when his parents got him his first gym membership. He is a special operations veteran with multiple Middle- East deployments, a shiny Purple Heart, and a bullet in his left leg that he occasionally uses as an excuse to skip leg day. Blank Label Performance became his passion as he was navigating a tumultuous time in his life. The company, and the people involved gave him a place to direct his focus and positive energy. Whether staff, sponsored athletes, or customers - Dave feels Blank Label Performance is one big family - growing and prospering together.

If you need advice about supplementation, workout routines, meal plans, or just want to shoot the shit with some like-minded people, we would love to hear from