Crusade Preworkout Development

Crusade Preworkout Development

Hey Everyone,

In our last Training Room post we talked about the history of our company and some of the underlying principles behind it. This time we'll walk you guys through our first product, Crusade preworkout. We started developing Crusade years before we started a company and it ended up being our main motivation for founding the company in the first place. We were all active duty military guys (most of us still are) and needed a product that stood up to other products while giving us what we needed for grueling training cycles and deployments. Other products in the industry are jam-packed full of experimental stimulants, don't support the body the way it deserves, and make you feel terrible after they wear off. At BLP, we demand better products. If we can't find them on the market, we make them the right way.

Our approach to developing our products is always the same. First we analyze research to make sure the compounds that we're including are the best to elicit the effects that we want. A good preworkout has to positively affect motivation, energy, the pump, performance, and cognition. These are important elements for maximizing each rep and each workout. Motivation and energy are usually interconnected, as well as cognitive function. Compounds like Caffeine, Tyrosine, Citrulline Malate, Taurine, and Niacin all have effects in these categories. They're supported by a ton of science over the last six decades or so and are clear winners to go into supplements. Another important thing to note is that these compounds have been used in supplements for decades without any issues. Companies that use compounds that are brand new and haven't been time-proven are gambling with risk vs reward.

Just like motivation, energy, and cognition are connected, so are performance and the pump, which were our last two requirements. We chose compounds like Arginine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, and Agmatine Sulfate. The Agmatine Sulfate addition was made a week before we opened so we had to reformulate everything and rush to get new labels printed, which was interesting! 

Every time we adjusted the formula we tested it out on ourselves first. All of the compounds are safe to use so that wasn't a concern but the balance between compounds is delicate and if preworkout has too much of an ingredient, it will hinder the effectiveness of the other ingredients. Once we decided we liked the formula, we would give it to our sponsored athletes to give it a final check. Once we dialed it in far enough, we made it a reality. Containers, scoops, labels, design, all of the minor aspects to product manufacturing. We routinely update our design but the formula will stay the same to make sure that the effects are identical to your last tub of Crusade.

The name for Crusade came about as a nod to the internal struggle we have within ourselves. Everything we do should be a crusade, whether it's dominating the gym, relentless pressure to advance at work, or boundless motivation when approaching projects, we're firm believers in giving everything you have to achieve your dreams and doing it for the right reasons.

Reach out and let us know what you think of Crusade preworkout. We love for our customers and supporters to be a part of the company. Let us know what events or products you want to see and we'll make it a reality.

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