Quantified Nutrition Q-Fuel Carbohydrates

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We're partnering with Quantified Nutrition and are stoked to add their product, Q-Fuel, to our line-up.

Quantified Nutrition produces Q-Fuel, the 30 serving (variable) advanced carbohydrate matrix with carbs from real, natural sources like potatoes, rice, and honey. It also contains Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, which allows for quick digestion while maintaining consistent glycogen utilization, giving you the best of both worlds.

The light, refreshing Island Coconut flavor allows for Q-Fuel to be mixed with fruit flavors or protein flavors like chocolate, vanilla, etc. 

Quantified Nutrition also offers a piece of proprietary technology free for use on their website, the Athlete's Resource Calculator (ARC). The ARC allows you to dial in carbs, protein, and aminos amounts for preworkout, intraworkout, and postworkout based on you, your workout, and your expected output. Whether you buy products right now or not, you need this calculator for your workouts! Check it out below.

Athlete's Resource Calculator