Fasted Shred (Fasted Cardio Fat Burner)

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Fasted Shred is a 30 Serving Fasted Cardio Fat Burner. It’s meant to be used first thing in the morning to give your body and mind a jump start into the day.

Simple Science:

Fasted Shred works off three principles: Muscle-sparing, fat burning, and boosting metabolism. It spares muscle by providing a solid dose of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). These BCAAs are supplemented by HMB, which is a metabolite of the Amino Acid Leucine. This supplement mimics a 40-1-1 BCAA ratio which is effective at sparing muscle mass while burning fat. Carnitine is a supplement that has been shown to allow fat cells to be shuttled into other cells to be used as energy. This gives us a boost in our fat-burning capability. The issue is that conventional Carnitine requires insulin to be effective. You won't have an insulin response because you're fasted while using this product. The form of Carnitine used in Fasted Shred allows the body to utilize it while fasted. It's also suggested to have some compelling cognitive effects! Fasted Shred includes EGCG as standardized Green Tea Extract and caffeine. Both of these supplements increase metabolism and give you a much-needed boost early in the morning.

Bottom Line:

-Being lean is extremely important. You can’t see your muscles underneath layers of fat.

-If your nutrition is already good, then you need a healthy fat burner to tip the scales in your favor. Food is the most important thing! You can’t supplement yourself out of a bad diet.

-Fasted Shred works best right after waking up, when your body is completely fasted.

-There’s no other product on the market that works like Fasted Shred.

-Fasted Shred will help you chisel away your fat to reveal the shredded marble statue you know is within you.


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