Blood Force Trauma (Nitric Oxide Booster)

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Blood Force Trauma is a 30 Serving Nitric Oxide (NO2) Supplement designed to drastically increase NO levels in the body to give you your maximum pump while working out.

Simple Science:

Nitric Oxide is a gas that is dissolved in our blood. When it comes into contact with the inside of our blood vessels, it makes them expand. This increases blood flow into the muscle, engorges the muscle, makes you look bigger, and makes your veins pop out. This is hugely beneficial because not only are you getting nutrients into your fatigued muscles more quickly, you are stretching your muscle fascia. The muscle fascia is our biggest obstacle to making fresh gains. It’s a tight-fitting sheath that is designed to keep our muscles together when they’re flexing, which allows us to apply strength to everyday tasks. By stretching your muscle fascia, you allow your body to build muscle memory to that increased size. Now when your body goes to synthesize muscle, it will do so with the memory of your previously expanded muscle fascia.

Bottom Line:

-Blood Force Trauma drastically increases Nitric Oxide production.

-Chasing the pump is what we do as athletes.

-Blood Force Trauma will give you your biggest, best pump.

-Blood Force Trauma utilizes four separate processes for producing and maintaining high Nitric Oxide levels.

-Blood Force Trauma can be used in conjunction with Crusade Preworkout to give you the most mind-blowing workouts of your life.

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