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Combining our five products into one package, the AMERICA Stack allows you to get all of the scientifically-substantiated ingredients at their proper doses for one low price. Each AMERICA Stack comes with a laminated dosing schedule. The dosing schedule ensures that the ingredients are being utilized to their fullest potential. Used at its largest dosages, the AMERICA Stack will provide unbelievable gains over the course of 30 days. Realistically, with a good rest day schedule, it will last 45 days. The 30 day schedule is reserved for hardcore lifters looking to change the game.

CRUSADE is our explosive preworkout blend which features three different pathways for nitric oxide production, a stout caffeine amount, and a blend of ergogenic and cognitive aids to fuel game-changing workouts.

BCAA is our branched chain amino acid drink mix. These are proven by science, highly studied, and self-explanatory. BCAAs have cognitive benefits, muscular benefits, and are extremely versatile.

BLOOD FORCE TRAUMA is our nitric oxide booster. The "pump" is the ultimate sign that your workout is effective. The muscles fill with blood, get more vascular, and ultimately stretch your muscle fascia to allow for larger muscle to develop beneath it. Combined with CRUSADE, the pump will be the best you've ever experienced. 

FASTED SHRED is our fasted cardio fat burner. This product is one we're extremely proud of. It's our best seller despite only having been added to our inventory about a year ago. Fasted cardio is extremely beneficial but there is a very fine line between burning fat and burning muscle. FASTED SHRED allows you to tip the scales toward fat burning, saving the precious muscle mass that you've worked so hard for.

BOOSTED AMINOS is our muscle builder. We won't call it a mass gainer because people typically assume it's a calorie bomb full of sugars. This couldn't be more opposite of the reality. BOOSTED AMINOS is calorie free and works on a totally different mechanism of action to build muscle. Featuring state of the art ingredients like TMG and HMB, it's packed full of ergogenic aids, and within the first dose will make you faster, stronger, and bigger. BOOSTED AMINOS is still one of our beta phase supplements and is hand-made every time an order comes in.

For more information on the individual supplements listed above, go to their individual supplement pages on our site.

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