Sponsored Athletes

Businesses in the fitness realm have the distinct advantage of being able to sponsor athletes. This page is dedicated to our sponsored athletes. These incredible people are champions at their craft and nothing that we can write here is going to give them the credit they deserve.


Joshua Petrecky @alwaysjjp_ifbbpro

Josh is an active duty enlisted soldier and a certified beast. In his early gym life Josh wrestled in a variety of styles (Greco Roman, Scholastic, Freestyle), then trained in Vale Tudo, tried his hand at CrossFit, and ultimately settled on bodybuilding. His style could largely be described as traditional bodybuilding with styles taken from most of the greats. "In for a penny, in for a pound." I've heard him say this repeatedly and it's absolutely true. Despite injuries, an active duty lifestyle, and deployments Josh continues to excel in his sport and has elevated himself to a champion competitor status. His most recent win won him his IFBB Pro Card and we'll be supporting his rise through the IFBB ranks.

In addition, Josh is a published fitness contributor including an entry in TRAIN magazine (April 2017), a graduate of Norwich University, an IFA Certified Personal Trainer, and some accomplishments related to the military that we won't share here but are very close to our hearts. We are stoked to be working with him and will be here to witness his ascent to the top.


Tajae Harris @fitbodtaj


Tajae is an OCB Pro and an NPC Figure Competitor. She started bodybuilding last year and is already making waves in the industry. March marked her debut and she took 1st place in the True Novice class, 1st in the Novice class, and 2nd in the Open class. When we asked her about bodybuilding and her ideals she said, "I love the sport of bodybuilding because it's you against yourself and you only get out what you put in." She believes in "no days off" to outwork and ultimately beat her competition.

Tajae uses bodybuilding and her experience in healthcare to inspire people directly and indirectly. Whether she's spreading a positive message on social media or training clients to get the results of their dreams, we're excited to be a part of her journey.

"If what you're doing now isn't getting you to your goals, make changes and find your happiness... follow your heart." -Tajae Harris