Sponsored Athletes

Businesses in the fitness realm have the distinct advantage of being able to sponsor athletes. This page is dedicated to our sponsored athletes. These incredible people are champions at their craft and nothing that we can write here is going to give them the credit they deserve.


Joshua Petrecky @alwaysjjp_ifbbpro

Josh is an active duty enlisted soldier and a certified beast. In his early gym life Josh wrestled in a variety of styles (Greco Roman, Scholastic, Freestyle), then trained in Vale Tudo, tried his hand at CrossFit, and ultimately settled on bodybuilding. His style could largely be described as traditional bodybuilding with styles taken from most of the greats. "In for a penny, in for a pound." I've heard him say this repeatedly and it's absolutely true. Despite injuries, an active duty lifestyle, and deployments Josh continues to excel in his sport and has even elevated himself to a champion competitor status. His most recent win won him his IFBB Pro Card and we'll be supporting his rise through the IFBB ranks soon with his Pro Debut.

In addition, Josh is a published fitness contributor including an entry in TRAIN magazine (April 2017), a graduate of Norwich University, the current World Gym Global Ambassador, an IFA Certified Personal Trainer, and some accomplishments related to the military that we won't share here but are very close to our hearts. We are stoked to be working with him and will be here to witness his rise to the top.


Brittney Dabney @brittneydabney


“Finding solutions, not excuses.” From the beginning of the Blank Label Performance journey, we’ve always had a few supporters who stuck with us through thick and thin. Some of those supporters were professional athletes and some were beginners. Brittney Dabney was near the beginning of her fitness journey when we all met up at World Gym in Fayetteville, NC for our first ever table set up. Now she’s one of our sponsored athletes. She’s a testament to the fact that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

Brittney has always enjoyed sports and fitness, playing volleyball and softball growing up, but her bodybuilding journey started in 2017. Juggling a full-time career, two children, and being a military spouse, she is a 5x Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor. She most recently won the overall bikini title at the 2018 NPC SC State and SC Grand Prix competitions.


Jasmine Morgan @__all.that.jazz__

Jasmine is an active duty officer in the US Army and a West Point Graduate. She's very bubbly and social but don't let that fool you. She's extremely dedicated to her craft which is proven by her shows and impressive physique. She got her start in bodybuilding at a Memorial Day 5K in 2015 when she was approached by a figure competitor. The competitor asked Jasmine if she would ever consider doing a bikini competition. When Jasmine got more information on what it takes to compete and get on stage, specifically the 12 week show prep, she immediately dismissed the idea.
Even though she initially made her decision not go though with her show, her inner determination and competitive nature took over. She decided to try it and has never looked back.

Now after two years she is 4x nationally qualified and has placed first in four bikini shows! These include:

  • 1st Place - 2015 Stewart Fitness Championships
  • 1st Place - 2016 Europa Games
  • 1st Place - 2016 Mid Atlantic Classic
  • 1st Place - 2017 Charlotte Cup

 Her life motto is "In all things, I strive to live above the common level of life. Fitness is more than physical, it is mental and spiritual as well. Only when all three are in sync do I truly believe that you will continue to find success no matter what you do. - What you think is what you feel, what you feel is how you act, and how you act is how you look. Balancing all three is a challenge but well worth the prize of winning in life."

She is part of Elite Pro NC and is setting her sights on the next big prize, going Pro. We'll be here watching your ascension, keep crushing!


Billie Jacobs @Billieduh

Billie is a National Guard soldier and the first woman to become a Fire Support Specialist. Not only is she a pioneer in terms of her career choice but she's also a bodybuilder, record-holding powerlifter, and an overall badass. Her fitness journey started when she joined the military in 2005. Her main training styles centered around military training and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which she competed in at the University of the Cumberlands. She got her start lifting weights in 2010 when she was working at a gym in Kentucky. She went to her first powerlifting meet and got her first experiences in a craft she would eventually revert back to. Next she tried bodybuilding in the women's physique class, but she decided it wasn't for her. She went back to powerlifting and has been crushing it ever since. Since her powerlifting meet in February 2017 in California she was ranked 14th in Bench Press and 23rd overall. Whether she's winning shows in bodybuilding, breaking records weightlifting, or kicking peoples' asses, we'll support her while she's crushing goals and crushing souls.


Cristina Crass @crassypants

 Cristina is our only Strongman competitor and she has a long list of titles to her name. She began competing in 2014 and immediately fell in love with Strongman. Her favorite and also her strongest lifts are anything that have to do with pulling. Through this focused and dominating style of training she has become an absolutely unstoppable force in the world of strength and power. Her many accolades include:

  • 2nd Place - 2014 Alaska Fit Expo/Strongman
  • 2nd Place - 2015 Northside Classic Strongman
  • 1st Place - HWW OPEN - The Frozen Northside
  • 1st Place - 83kg OPEN - Alaska State Powerlifting Championship
  • 1st Place - HWW OPEN - 2016 Northside Classic
  • 2nd Place - 2016 California's Strongest Woman
  • 11th Place - North American Strongman Nationals - 181 OPEN
  • 1st Place - HWW OPEN - Frozen Northside 2
  • January 28, 2017 - Set U.S. Strongman DL Record @ 460lbs
  • 1st Place - HWW OPEN - Idaho's Strongest/ Femme Fatale Classic - Qualified for USS Pro Women's Worlds
  • April 7th, 2017- Set U.S. Strongman DL Record @ 475lbs - 18 inch DL record @ 535lbs
With this very impressive list of victories, it's inconceivable to think that she won't blast her way to the top!