Favorite Muscle Group: Arms Edition

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Favorite Muscle Group: Arms Edition

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since we've done any blog updates but let us know if it's something you guys want to see more of. It's easier to post a ton of information in a blog that can be easily referenced as opposed to always trying to add to emails that can be easily missed.

Today, I'll tell you about my favorite muscle group to lift, ARMS. Because we're a supplement company I'll talk about my pre arm day routine, the workout I like to do, and how I recover to ensure I don't overwork or injure myself.

Before arm day, I always take one scoop of Crusade, one scoop of BCAA, and one scoop of Blood Force Trauma (BFT). I add the BFT on arm day because it's a good addition to the days that I primarily train for size as opposed to strength. There's a strength component to each of my workouts but when I train arms I typically lean towards the hypertrophy (muscle growth) side of the spectrum. When I train heavy squats or deadlifts, I don't take BFT. Because of the intense pump the product causes, it can be difficult to hit the full range of motion because the muscles are expanded even before muscle contraction. On arm day, however, this huge pump is exactly what I like to see staring back at me in the mirror.

The Crusade and BCAA products work together to provide focus, energy, endurance, and motivation. Full write-ups of these products are available on the website.

We're extremely military-oriented and I'm actually writing this blog update from overseas. It would be a disservice not to provide the motivation for my individual arm day. Myself and two of my close friends developed this arm day workout on my fourth deployment to honor our friend who had been killed that trip. We change it up occasionally but the overall theme and rep ranges stay the same. We call it Thousand Rep Arms and that's exactly what it is. 1000 repetitions working all parts of the arms. A thousand reps is way more than most people train but what's a workout routine without a little crazy? If you're doing what everyone else is doing, you'll be like everyone else. How boring would this world be if we were all the same?

Once I've taken my supplements, I drive to the gym, usually a 20-40 minute drive depending on which gym I'm feeling that day. If I'm driving to one of the farther gyms, I'll drink half of my supplements at my house and drink the other half on the way to the gym. That way I'm not burning up in the car. My music usually consists of some dubstep, some 80s rock, and some modern metal. It really depends but those are usually what I default to.

When I get to the gym, I'm already ready to go. I'm not a huge fan of drinking water while I lift but sometimes I'll grab a bottle of water at the front. Then I start lifting. The entire workout is as follows:

10x10 Cable Straight Bar Curls

10x10 Tricep Extensions

5x20 Seated Dumbbell Curls (These can be done by alternating arms or together)

5x20 Dumbbell Kickbacks

5x20 Preacher Curls (machine or EZ bar)

5x20 Dumbbell Pullovers (This is usually a chest or lat workout but if your triceps are fatigued you'll feel it there. Focus on isolating the triceps)

5x20 Standing EZ Bar Curls

5x20 Angled Bar Tricep Pushdowns (Focus on keeping your elbows in)

5x20 Reverse EZ Bar Curls

5x20 Close Grip Bench Press (Focus on engaging the triceps)

This workout takes over an hour when taking minimal rest and should make you sufficiently sore and make you feel like you've accomplished something. If you don't have some of the equipment available, change the exercise to something you have access to and keep the same reps and sets. Additionally, it might be beneficial to throw in some forearm work afterwards or in between sets. The workout hits them decently just through sheer volume but some focused forearm work will help you if you're naturally weak in that area.

To recover from this workout, I drink protein and BCAAs, drink a lot of water, stretch throughout the day, and ensure I get at least 8 hours of sleep that night. If I neglect one of these areas following this workout, I risk being extremely sore or even suffering an injury afterwards. When dealing with this type of volume in a workout, the recovery aspect is very important. I lift this intensely to be better, faster, and stronger, not to be injured.

If any of you guys try this workout, let us know how it went! It's a rough one but having easy workouts has never been part of our game plan.

This post was written by Marcel Blood, check out his story on our "About Us" Page.

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